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Memorial Park Middle School - Strings



Memorial Park Strings


Beginning Strings - This class consists of only 6th graders. This class is for a student who has never played a string instrument before. Students will learn all of the fundamentals of the string instrument such as the parts of the instrument, bowing, plucking, and fingering. They will also learn how to read music for their instrument. This class uses a combination of the Essential elements 2000 book and the Suzuki method of teaching. This group will have two performances.

Intermediate Strings - This class is for a student who has been playing for 1 – 4 years. Students who are in grades 6th, 7th, & 8th can be in this class. Students will continue to learn techniques, scales, & methods to enhance their playing. Students will learn 4 – 6 pieces of music. This group will have two performances.

Advanced Strings - In order to be in this class a student must have the director’s permission. This class is for students who have been playing for over 4 years.  Students will learn over 10 selections of music. These students will perfect their string skills, and have many performances in and out of school.